Alejandra Basauri

I’m Alejandra Basauri Bustamante, Chilean visual artist. Currently I am in the realization of paintings. I graduated in Arts from the Catholic University of Santiago de Chile. My expressive initiative as an artist is to create a speech from my vision as an active subject of a context to which I belong and, through my images to express and generate a concept that covers a topic beyond my "subjective expression".

In short, my personal issue is held on the question of women and their stigmatization as sexual image within the various media (television, internet, magazines, etc.) from painting, my proposal is to question, for the purposes of artistic and conceptual search, if such stigmatization or predominance of women as representative of sexuality (primary theme in the media image and genres) has achieved a development in which women have become active individual in our society or, conversely, excess and manipulation of sexual images of women has only managed to solidify the ideal of "sexual object".

My intention in my work, beyond visualize a happening, is to convey a collective feeling towards reality, from my personal perspective, the fact of belonging to a context or society, is transformed into a speech empathize with "Other ". That is, the viewer can read, looking at a picture, a view or subject with which we identify and create a "visual dialogue". On the other hand, try not to escape the margins of the beauty instituted by the artistic history; beauty is in the social collective unconscious.

I appeal to the beauty to attract the viewer's attention, considering that beauty is present in various aspects of our reality, from the sublime to the abject. In another aspect I made painting workshops for therapeutic purposes in the Salvador Hospital in Santiago. These workshops were offered within the "Day Hospital" section of the department of psychiatry of Salvador Hospital, activity designed for patients undergoing drug rehabilitation and affective disorders, as well as for people with depressive problems.

These workshops serve their therapeutic purpose, but also were the subject of investigation of the personalities, based on psychoanalytic expression of people who in a sense are out of our system. Also, I have conducted art workshops for the Municipality of Teno, Seventh Region of Chile. Monitora executing the work of painting and drawing workshops for the community, in which both adults and children participated. In these workshops with technical knowledge they will be taught sessions Theory and History of Art and its various artistic styles of the development of cultural history; so that students could apply various techniques in his compositions.

At the beginning of my career make human figure drawing classes at the Catholic University of Santiago de chile Currently working independently doing work on specific subjects, such as portraits and others, according to customer requirements and, in parallel, developing my personal work basing on the reality of women in society and aspects of the individual as subject within a Social context.



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