by Eric Rubelmann, February 10, 2016

I pray to you now
Just walk out the door
And I praise you now
Just keep walking a little more
I beg you love, now
Don't look back
Just make it easier
Show me mercy love
Don't call my name any more

When you loved me
You loved me like no other
And when you quit me
It hurt like no other
But please darling if you could
Would you show me mercy
And stay gone for good

All the laughter
All the cheers
All that matters
Fades in years
I'll do my best
To forget you
So show me mercy
And stay gone for good

The way we collect hallucinations
by mikel k poet
February 1,2016



fascinations of the mind

that just don't make any sense.

Or dollars.

Holler if you are struggling

to make it at minimum wage.

The elected officials want

to keep you a slave.

The ones who own you

keep getting richer.

It's a bitch man.

What can you do?

Go back to college


and come out owing many grand.


New Bookmark

By Eric Rubelmann
November 2, 2015


The way you folded corners

of pages in your favorite book

To keep your place

You have bent me backwards

Over under to keep me in a corner

And now daylight is finally creeping 

Through the cracks beneath the door

and I wonder is this where you set me free

Free to wonder if you will want me back again

Or if I’m so contorted laying on the floor 

My pretzel mind is making promises you 

couldn’t keep and never mentioned

But failed to mention you had no intention

Of keeping all this locked away from where I 

could see the pages of your favorite books no 

longer had any corners 



By Lorri Primavera
JANUARY 26, 2016

From a house of mental illness 

And a hearty forearm 

A town full of cleanliness and gloom

Raised up to expect fine print from friends

And dying to expect Elysian awakenings 

A fine boy all his youth

Saved the veal from the table

Was rewarded with loss of innocence 

And an early grave

And no hereafter 

And loveless.

36th & Broad Street

by Eric Rubelmann
JANUARY 17, 2016

The ground has grown colder

The flowers though grow taller

Fail to emit a scent of serenity

The clouds still allow sunshine

But the pallor of your laughter

Is what one would reserve for a scream

My tattered peacoat still warms me

The trumpet player plays a solo 

On a street soon empty 'cept for you and I

Your gloved hand still holds mine

But the grasp is one for a ledge 

And I feel I'm slipping to the ravine

An accordion grinder plays so gently

The ash from a cigarette finds the wind

The street light changes so slightly

And the steam arises from beneath a manhole cover

And like a ghost I fade into a dream 

Lover Mine

by Lorri Primavera
JANUARY 17, 2016

Walking together

Bread and butter

Who's got the liquor?

Who's got the ladder?

Let's climb up the tower

Dive into the city

And paint some graffiti

Pornographic and witty

The Voyage Begins

by Eric Rubelmann
JANUARY 17, 2016

We set out our course

plotted true north

We let the stars take us in

We drank champagne and

toasted each other

We settled in for bliss comforted

by one another

As the years rolled on by

the callouses grew

around our hearts and our fingers

We kept adrift for so long

We rationed all our kindness

as if this craft would carry on

with no one there to guide it

The lighthouse fire failed to alarm

No heed was paid to mind the shore

And as the waves came crashing down

The silence of the stone was ringing so loud

And what began as you and me

is now undersea sinking more and more

Though I can see the light shining through

The crescent of our doom i still can't quite

reach you...




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